Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A few super short stories about “showing up”

In 2019, my friend who lectures at a nearby university asked if I could host some African American students for a short tour of our corporate campus.

After some back and forth we were eventually able to find time to make it work and the date was set.

As I made my way after a meeting on the appointed day to the building on our campus where the tour was to take place , I couldn’t help but wonder to myself what I would say to these young students when I received them. I am Nigerian and had only moved to the United States about 3 years ago and so did not attend elementary, college or high school in the United States meaning that I could not relate to them on that level. It also did not help that it had been a taxing week that left me drained and not feeling sure if giving a tour was what I needed to be doing at that time. So as I walked into reception to see my friend and the fine group of students with him, I was still asking myself what I could do to make the visit worthwhile for them.

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  1. Hi Chukwuemeka,

    Apologies for spamming your blog, but I'm reaching out on behalf of a performing arts institution which would like to include you in a brainstorming session with a tech developer. I'm sorry to be so cryptic in this comment but as it's still under development I'm not in a position to share information publicly, but would gladly connect more over email! Please feel free to follow up with me at leeeunmusic[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you so much!



    1. Great to meet you.
      You can send me private message on Linkedin.
      Best regards