Monday, April 9, 2012

No Old, Bold Developers....

So its been a long time!
So long that i had to use a search engine (guess which one!) to find the URL for my own blog!
My last post was like more than 5 months ago and i apologize….sincerely. 
Rest assured that the reason i have not posted anything in a while is not because nothing has been happening…..rather it is because too much has been happening.
In the past 5 months i have:
  • Had lunch on the roof of the Co Creation Hub in downtown Yaba with a host of enthusiastic Naija coders and 4 other people almost as crazy as i am
  • Met some awesome developers across the continent , one of whom i have christened "The Black DJ" after a remarkable product he built on the West coast of Africa to another who developed an Android keyboard for Amharic on the east side
  • Carried out some eye opening cross-continent-research with my man Ato 
  • Watched two Ethiopian girls put Willow Smith to shame :-)
  • Twice bumped into ladies rushing out of the same men's room (yes men's room) i was walking into….in two different countries!!! (it is not a small something!)
As i am sure you would agree each of these items is worth a full blog post …or two but i would crave your indulgence to let me postpone all the gist to a later date.

The issue i would like to broach today if you have a few minutes is something that has come up in a few discussions i have been privileged to be part of in the last few weeks, an issue that even yours truly could be guilty of.