Sunday, October 16, 2011

The African Programmer and the Sun

I thought of calling this blog post "The Software developer and the Sun" but i feel that "programmer" fits better.
Ah ah ah ah….if you are one of the uninitiated and want to ask me what the difference between a programmer (also known as a coder) and a software developer is, you may want to look at this post
The essence of that post is captured in excerpt below:

"Therefore a programmer is a person who produces code, usually after some sort of specification. This is focused on a specific functionality.
A software developer is producing a solution for the customer, with a big focus on customer satisfaction."
My own way of saying the same thing is that the difference between the two is that while one fears the hot sun, the other more or less embraces it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So he steps out of the shower in the hotel this morning, 20 minutes before pick up and picks up the tube from the hotel complimentary cosmetics bowl. And starts to apply the lotion all over his body, however midway through he notices that the lotion is kind of sticky and greasey and does not dry off like its supposed to, oh well...maybe its a new type of lotion, its not like he uses lotion a lot anyways. He has always been a vaseline kind of guy (old skool) but since the lotion is there and its free....why not ? right?