Friday, August 12, 2011

First Post and ....and...a little more

My people.
Welcome to my neck of the woods.....recently carved out as you can see.
This article is my own way of testing to see if the "Publish Post" button on blogger really works and if you are reading this then i guess it does.
I really do hope that i have the discipline going forward to keep this blog as interesting and as lively as I have always hoped it would be.
The intention is that this blog will chronicle my experiences as I embark on a quest (yes, thats right to ensure that the internet becomes part of the everyday lives of people in this part of the world (Africa) by interacting and collaborating with the people who shoulder a large chunk of the responsibility for making it work (software engineers, IT entrepreneurs and you).
It promises to be an interesting experience and while not even i can tell you how it will end (if at all it will end), I can tell you that one of the goals of this quest will be to bring the Geek to the front page of the national newspapers in countries across Africa for all the right reasons.
So who is the Geek you might ask?