Thursday, September 10, 2015

Codelabs and Hackathons and Contests.... Oh my! Part 2

Hello there!

Glad you stopped by. It's been a bit slow over here for the past few months.I wonder why... I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have not posted anything in that time :-).
Ok...i guess it does have something to do with it.
I know that you have gotten used to hearing (or rather reading) this by now but you have to believe me when I tell you that the past few months have been hectic and action packed.
Towards the end of 2014 I spent some time in Lagos, Nairobi and Cape Town hanging out with some of the best and brightest in the Sub Saharan Africa user experience (UX) design community (I did it again this year). I then spent the rest of year working to see what could be done to ease the pain of being an internet challenged software developer in today's world.
And also in that time i commenced lesson 2 in a course I am currently taking called "How to work under a new boss" as like I told you the chairman of the board (my now 16 month old son) of our startup (my wife and I) has simply been running things with an iron fist as he guides our company from start phase to growth phase. The young man has made it very clear that he does not take kindly to open laptops anywhere around the house and so you will understand why it has been a bit tough to hack out a post all this while. In fact the only reason I was able to get started on this post was because I was on a plane heading again to East Africa to hang out with some of the top community leaders in Sub Saharan Africa who were coming from far and wide (and that was in March … :-D)

So enough of the gossip....what are we talking about today ?

I remember that during our last chat , I talked about Codelabs, Hackathons and Developer Contests which we looked at from the perspective of the audience that these initiatives are meant for (i.e. developers / techies) and I promised that in my next post I would revisit this topic but this time from the perspective of the individuals, organizations or communities that make these initiatives happen.

This is next post so let's get to it.